Paperless contract

Paperless contract routes – Quick & easy to sign

Say goodbye to your stacks of paper and move to a fully digital contract process. With the help of our digital document process solutions, you can transform any paper-based documents into digital, web-based and automated processes, thereby reducing your administrative workload to a minimum. Whether it’s an application form, purchase or financial contract, thanks to the flexibility of our solution, all types of forms, contracts or documents can be mapped.

For additional user-friendliness, your preferred third-party providers such as signature or legitimation service providers can be easily implemented.

Core functions

Mapping and automatization of individual internal and external document processes

Seamless integration of third-party providers, e.g. for digital signature, legitimization or compliance checks

Plausibility and completeness checks

Interfaces to already existing system landscapes

Operation and hosting in Germany, with a desired hosting provider or on-premise

Transfer of already existing data for pre-filled forms

Intermediate storage of the data, for later resumption of the process

Customizable solution with your own look and feel

Support for any language

Responsive design for the use of different end devices, e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone

Platform approach with integration options from preferred third-party providers

Digital mailbox on request

Intuitive user interface


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