Make your workplace digital and enable a new user experience for your customers.

Based on a digital transformation through our systems, you will achieve a quick transformation of your complex document processes into easy-to-use solutions.

Due to the modularity and flexibility of the application, your processes are therefore always individually adaptable to your needs. The underlying software is designed based on the most modern IT architecture approaches, with the possibility to integrate numerous features and third party services.


Our digital document process solutions – simple and flexible.

User interface as seen by the end user


Within this part, the user sees the digital process in your look and feel including the desired requirements.


Digital Onboarding & Paperless Contracts:
This is where the onboarding or contract process takes place from the end user’s perspective. Instead of a paper-based and manual process, all queries, checks and entries that are necessary and are defined by you, take place here.


Middle & Back Office Systems:
Employees of your company can edit and manage transactions and processes here. Customer data can be checked or updated. Likewise, processes can be controlled, e.g. for querying missing data or requesting the submission of certain documents from the back office. Based on the role and rights of the respective employee, the views, permissions and capabilities can differ accordingly. 


Customer Portals:
This is where your end customers / partners can obtain more information about your company and services through dashboards, visualizations, and other metrics. Using a contact form or a messenger service, they can get in touch with you in alternative ways.

Transfer of data and hosting


Within this part, the data from the processes is transferred and collected. Our solutions are flexible and customizable SaaS solutions. Hosting can be done via our cloud provider in Germany, a cloud service of your choice or on-premise. 


Here we are very happy to comply with your demands or regulatory requirements. 

Integration options for the processes

Within this section, the integrations take place, which are then processed automatically in the frontend. For example, numerous third-party providers, checks, tools, your existing system landscape, and much more can be implemented.

Our integration process – secure and transparent

The various integration options can be effectively implemented using APIs. With its platform approach, our system serves as a hub for the connection of different providers, automations and other services. This means that they can be successfully implemented in your existing system landscapes quickly and easily. Likewise, additional providers, systems, tools and functions can be integrated. We are happy to leave the choice of systems or providers up to you, but can also introduce you to our partners if required.

Take a look at our possible integration examples here:

Digital contract conclusion

Digital Signature e.g. via: Insign, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, IDnow etc.


Digital legitimation e.g. via: Deutsche Post, IDnow, WebID, Signicat etc.

Checks and verifications

Global address check, compliance checks via Schufa, CDDS, Worldcheck, etc.

System connections/integrations

CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Cobra, etc.

Core banking systems like agree21 from Atruvia, SAP, Avaloq etc.

Our integration phases


In a joint conversation, we decide which third party services should be implemented in the process, as well as their functions and goals. For this purpose, we e.g. will look in more detail at the respective interfaces and the requirements.


When analyzing the process structure, we check at which points the integrations are most effective and then take this into account accordingly.


In the feedback round, we present you the solutions with all implemented integrations. You can test the process flow directly. If there are any change requests, we will be happy to implement them directly.


As soon as your preferred services have been integrated into the process according to your needs, we provide you with the finished solution so that you can use it right away n your everyday business.

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