Application Examples

United Signals – Your partner for easy-to-use document workflows

There are no limits to any range of applications for our digital document solutions. From simple customer onboarding to complex and long contractual process – a digital transformation is always possible.

We quickly and easily automate your paper-based and manual processes and transform them into an easy-to-use digital solution.

Impress your customers and partners with an innovative user experience while enabling your employees to easily and efficiently edit and manage different workflows.

Administration Offices

  • Digital Quick Checks
  • Digital applications / registrations
  • Digital approvals
  • Digital workflows
  • Automated approval processes
  • Digital workplace
  • Digital back office solutions


  • Digital building application
  • Digital financing contract
  • Digital object platform
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital tender portal
  • Digital back office solutions


  • Digital student onboarding
  • Digital contracts / applications
  • Digital student files
  • Digital document center
  • Digital student portal
  • Digital back-office solutions

Financial Industry

  • Digital customer onboarding (corporate & private customers)
  • Digital account and deposit opening
  • Digital contracting
  • Digital loan origination
  • Digital financing
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital back-office solutions


  • Digital customer onboarding
  • Digital contracts
  • Digital applications & submissions for e.g. insurance cases
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital back-office solutions

Public Services

  • Digital renewal / transcription of driver’s license
  • Digital permits
  • Digital registration of services
  • Digital citizen information portal
  • Digital COVID19 forms
  • Digital back-office solutions

Service Industry

  • Digital customer onboarding
  • Digital contracts and agreements
  • Digital sales partner onboarding
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital back-office solutions


  • Digital customer onboarding
  • Digital financing agreements
  • Digital supplier onboarding & agreements
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital partner portals
  • Digital back-office solutions


  • Digital customer onboarding
  • Digital contracts for consulting services
  • Digital contracts for customers
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital back-office solutions

Energy & Economy

  • Digital customer onboarding
  • Digital contracts and agreements
  • Digital contracts with suppliers and partners
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital back-office solutions


  • Digital patient onboarding
  • Digital contracts for suppliers
  • Digital forms for clinical trials
  • Digital questionnaires for medical appointments
  • Digital patient portal
  • Digital back-office solutions

Law Firms

  • Digital client onboarding
  • Digital client agreements
  • Digital class actions
  • Digital litigation platform
  • Digital client portal
  • Digital back-office solutions

Real Estate

  • Digital tenant onboarding
  • Digital contracts for real estate financing
  • Digital contracts for property planning
  • Digital maintenance contracts
  • Digital demolition / renovation contracts
  • Digital rental contracts
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital project financing portals
  • Digital back-office solutions


  • Digital crew onboarding
  • Digital KYC processes
  • Digital contracts
  • Digital platform
  • Digital customer portals
  • Digital back-office solutions

This is how our projects look like:

Our project phases – clearly stuctured and transparent at all times

It is important to us that you feel secure and in good hands during a joint project. That’s why we split our projects into different phases, in which we analyze your processes and jointly develop a plan for a successful implementation of the solution in your day-to-day business.

Phase 0

Actual Assessment

Initial discussion and demo: In an initial discussion, we first record the wishes and first known requirements in order to jointly define the target.

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Phase 1

Actual Analysis & Target Concept

In a joint workshop we analyze your current processes. Above all, we want to getachieve a deeper understanding of your processes and identify their strengths and challenges.

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Phase 2


We work very closely with you and therefore rely on your support. Once a process has been defined, we integrate all your manual and paper-based documents into an initial concept and discuss the implementation process together.

Phase 3

Feedback Phase

To make you feel secure at all times, we would like to involve you in all on-going steps of the process via regular feedback loops.

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Phase 4

Test Phase

In this phase we adapt all your documentation and input and create a usable prototype that meets your needs and requirements. You can now extensively test the newly defined functions and features.

Phase 5


Based on the results of the test phase, the solution is adapted and refined. If everything corresponds to your expectations, we fine-tune the live solution and start preparing it.

Phase 6

Go Live

In this phase we provide you with the ready-to-use solution. If necessary, we can also take care of training your employees.

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Phase 7


In the final monitoring phase, we regularly discuss the success of the solution and check whether features can be refined or improved.

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