United Signals is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Frankfurt am Main – November 2021

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding United Signals GmbH based on its development of advanced and innovative software solutions. The company’s extensive research and development projects lead to first-class and state-of-the-art white label solutions for digital customer onboarding, digital contract processes as well as matching back- office applications. These are currently used primarily in the financial sector, but can be used for any type of document workflow, completely independent of the respective industry or the location of the company.

Basically, the modular software solutions of United Signals are characterized by short adaptation and implementation times. Simultaneous integration into existing system landscapes as well as the embedding of preferred third-party services are also carried out within a very short time.

Under the sign of research and development

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports innovation projects with various funding programs. It promotes the research and development of promising technologies in order to lay the economic and social foundations for Germany’s future. However, the most important criteria for funding remain the degree of innovation, usability and prospects of success.

“The funding from the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education makes us proud and confirms us in always keeping our finger on the pulse of our customers and partners and using the latest technologies to create the best possible user-friendly applications,” commented Daniel Schäfer, founder and CEO of United Signals.

About United Signals

United Signals is a specialist for paperless and easy-to-use customer solutions based in Germany. With products such as digital onboarding, paperless contracts, middle and back- office systems, and customer portals, they support companies in a wide range of industries. Due to the white label capabilities and flexibility of the solutions, any form or contract can be converted into a digital version and signed contactless, from home or even mobile, within a very short time. In addition, all solutions are multilingual and can be easily integrated into existing system landscapes.

United Signals and its digital onboarding solution was selected by the Association of Independent Asset Managers (VuV) and its members in Germany to establish a market standard.

It is already used by more than 75% of the relevant banks in Germany, including Baader Bank, comdirect, DAB BNP Paribas, ebase, FFB, UBS, V-Bank, among others.


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